Required Texts

All required texts will be provided to participants. Please pick up your copies on the first day of classes. If you already have these resources please do not take another copy. Bring the copies that you have already.

  • H. Douglas Brown. Principles of Language Learning and Teaching. 5 th Edition Paperback, Pearson ESL (2006)
  • Schleicher, A Y F. and Lioba Moshi. African Language Pedagogy: An Emerging Field. Ohio State National Foreign Language Resource Center and NALRC. 2000.
  • Bokamba, Eyamba G. African Language Program Development and Administration: A History and Guidelines for Future Programs. National African Language Resource Center, 2002.
  • Alice Omaggio Hadley . Teaching Language in Context 3rd Edition ( Boston: Heinle & Heinle, 2001)

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