Multimedia: Online Teaching Methods Course for LCTL Instructors (access to this course will be provided to all participants)
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National Standards

“Introduction to the National Standards” video:

National Standards Overview Document:

Modes of Communication

ACTFL Modes of Communication -Interpersonal:

ACTFL Modes of Communication - Interpretive:

ACTFL – Modes of Communication - Presentational:

"Introduction: Understanding by Design® Framework”:

Lesson Planning Workshop:

Authentic Materials:,%20Per%20shtyp.pdf

“Making Meaning in the Immersion Classroom” video:

STARTALK-Endorsed Principles and Characteristics of Effective Language Lessons

Standards for Foreign Language Learning in the 21st Century

STARTALK Classroom Video Collection

Lesson-Planning Resources (guide, templates, and checklist)

STARTALK Classroom Video Collection

STARTALK Multimedia Teacher Workshops Collection

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